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Our slogan sums up our philosophy since 2012: to offer you the best pizzas at the best price.

In 10 years, our priorities have not changed, we want to go even further by making a concrete and lasting commitment to allow everyone to eat properly with an excellent quality/price ratio.

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More than 40 recipes to enjoy!

We want to offer you the widest choice of pizzas (40 recipes to date) and our pizzaiolos come up with new recipes every year. Every quarter, we launch new culinary releases and premium signature pizzas. For added pleasure, you can also compose your own pizza from a choice of over 45 ingredients.

For dessert, our milkshake treats offer dozens of possible combinations. So taste, change, create, combine, enjoy!  

The kiff

The kiff


At Five Pizza Original, we love what we eat.

Our vegetables are cut every day. Our flour comes from the Versailles mill, one of the oldest in France. Our fresh dough is made daily in our production workshop in Ile de France. Our tomato sauce comes from Italy, made from the famous Roma tomato variety, without preservatives. Our meat comes from France or the European Union. Our French mozzarella 100% is fresh.

All our food is prepared daily by our pizzaiolos for maximum freshness and our pizzas are made on the spot, prepared to order. 

The price

Our pizzas are priced mostly lower than our competitors without sacrificing quality.

We offer 5 pizza recipes for less than 6€ all year round, in size M (31 cm), when our competitors are charging higher prices for smaller sizes.

We offer 30 recipes for €6.50 and premium signature pizzas from €7.90.

The Award